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Under 30m²: Multifunctional Solutions in 13 Tiny Apartments

With residential developments offering ever-smaller housing units, the challenge for architects and interior designers to develop compact and multifunctional solutions for interior projects increases.

From this perspective, it is increasingly common for professionals to focus on their clipboards in creating new solutions for joinery and multifunctional furniture that allow the space to transform completely in a few seconds, such as strategic cabinets and bookcases to supply the lack of storage space; sliding furniture on rails or pulleys; cabinets that turn into beds through vertical rotation; drawers in stairways, etc.

It is still important to mention that designing the interior of an apartment with a small area causes some doubts: How to make the best use of the space? How to develop a project that meets all the activities happening in the space? How to avoid space waste?

With these questions in mind, we dived into our library of projects to help you with this process, selecting 13 apartments that offer interesting solutions in spaces up to 30 square meters.

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