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Maori 125ft

The style of the Maori 125ft serves to build upon its predecessors’ main, and important purpose; to provide a vital connection to the sea, and nature.
The external volumes are characterised by large glass surfaces, which flood the interior with natural light, providing guests with a front row view of the wondrous array of light that nature brings us.
The large lounge is connected to the main deck with two large sliding glass doors, allowing for a wide space which, in addition to the external volumes, further reduces the barrier between indoors and the outdoors, allowing for every moment to be surrounded by the sea and the sun.
In addition, such a connection is accentuated through the design’s large outdoor spaces. The main deck serves as a dedicated living area, designed to create one big open space, 60 square meters, in which guests can enjoy the sun, daily activities, or even have a party.
Accompanied by the big aft platform, which conceals beneath the yachts tender and toys.
The upper deck is designed as the owner’s exclusive place for an experience of complete immersion within the wonder of the sea. Huge windows once again allow light to pervade all spaces and guarantee a fantastic view of the panorama. The large terrace on the upper deck is designed as an extension of the interior, for moments of relaxation with greater privacy.shipyard: Maori Yacht
exterior design: Marco Ciampa
interior design: Alessandro Pulina
model: MY125ft
engine: 2x MAN1500hp
length: 38.00 m
beam: 10.60 m

Marzo 2020

Yacht Desing

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