L’ottimizzazione degli spazi e la sperimentazione materica rappresentano la metodologia del nostro lavoro, permettendoci di studiare ogni aspetto del progetto, realizzandolo al meglio.

Roadsworth adds to asphalt with surreal street art scenes

An artist who goes by the pseudonym roadsworth is transforming ordinary city streets into surreal sights. the canadian creative — whose real name is peter gibson — adds to the asphalt with a spectrum of vibrantly-colored painted forms, creating crosswalks and parking lots with a twist and a touch of humor. visual manipulations made to otherwise everyday street symbols turn the asphalt markings into underwater creatures, larger-than-life landscapes, and messages about social change.

Tratto da http://www.designboom.com/art/roadsworth-street-art-peter-gibson-01-21-2017/